Studio Update

It's been a long while since the last update, so we thought it was time to post some news. Pixel and Texel has been humming along fine, although we've diversified our studio's focus. Here's a the short version:

  • Fara sold okay, but not enough for Texel to buy that Ferrari he's had his eye on. Selling games is hard everyone!
  • We started taking on a lot of contract work. Mostly app development for things like pharmacies, productivity products, database work. It sounds a little dry, but we've really enjoyed shifting some of our focus to non-gaming related work. It's nice to design a series of menus where pushing a button takes you to the next thing. As a plus, no one complains that the button you made created a stat imbalance and now their character is improperly leveled and now their life is over and how could you guys do this.
  • For the last year, we've done a lot of work creating and selling on the Unity Asset Store. It's been pretty awesome for us, because we get to work on a lot of the parts of game development that we enjoy, without a lot of the headaches. You should check out our stuff!
  • Our elusive game "Project 2" was developed until it was about 80 percent complete. We may continue work on it, but for now we've shelved it. 
  • We hired 2 awesome dudes that have greatly enhanced our team, so we are now a group and not a duo! This also means our daily volleyball matches are way less awkward.