Project 2 Update! - More Info and Screenshots

Hello up there! We've been deep in the development cave for the last few months working on Project 2 and thought it might be nice to share some new info/screenshots. The game is really coming together and we've finished some nice features so far:


-Fast paced, arena style combat. Use twitch gameplay skills to survive the horde, combo enemies, and discover new items.

-A deep crafting system for new weapons, armor, potions, and enchantments. Customize your character with gear for a fresh new look and improved stats.

-Level up and distribute skill points to build a character that suits your play style.

-Lots of meticulously painted 2D artwork.

-More awesome stuff that we can't talk about yet!


We are still toiling away on some super cool stuff (like multiplayer!), so we'll share more on that soon. It's crazy to think how far this game has come since we started it in Dec 2011. Time flies! So thanks for reading and we'll drop another update soon! (In the meantime, check out some new gameplay screens below)