New Site and Teaser Art

Welcome to the new Pixel and Texel blog/website! We're pretty stoked to have everything looking new and shiny, plus we've kept all of our old site's functionality. For any interested web dudes, we used Squarespace to rebuild it and the experience was great. Their tools are super easy to use and it's almost entirely menu driven, so you can avoid messing around with CSS (which is in my opinion, the worst), and get back to game development (which is in my opinion, the best!).

We also wanted to share some teaser artwork from our upcoming game. Although we aren't going to announce the title or share much about the gameplay yet (it's still heavy in development), here's a background that I painted for the game (the original is much higher res, but this gives an idea of the game's visual look):

Pretty cool, huh? We're really excited about what's cooking here Pixel and Texel and we'll share more as soon as we possibly can. Awesome!