Kickstarter *One Week Left!* and a New Gameplay Screenshot!

Hey everyone. With one week left in our Kickstarter campaign, we thought it would be nice to post an update! First of all, we'd like to send a big thank you to everyone who has backed us so far. Your support means a lot to us and it's great knowing you are enthusiastic about Fara. Thanks!

So far, our Kickstarter project has raised $3,309 of our $5,000 goal, which is incredible! We are 66% of the way there, so it's vital that our friends and fans share the news of the Fara Kickstarter with anyone and everyone they know in the next week. Your tweets, Facebook messages, and texts are what have kept this campaign moving. One more week! We can do this! Thanks guys!

Also, we thought it'd be nice to share a new screenshot and development update today! In the last few weeks, we've been scripting different quests and scenarios for the game, putting all of the pieces together. One area of the game we really love are the tar pits, where you face sand creatures, dust devils, and a rock maze. Tar pits are awesome! So stay tuned, and we'll post more updates soon!

Fara Gameplay