Kickstarter and Official Game Title!

As the end of development nears, we decided to put together a Kickstarter page to help us secure a bit of additional funding and push to the end. For those that don't know, Kickstarter is a great site that helps small companies or individuals get creative projects off the ground. The neat thing about the program is that people who help fund a project receive special gifts for their support. In our case, people who help us out will receive things like a poster, original art, soundtrack, special thanks in the credit, or, of course, a copy of the game!

We are really excited about the opportunity to get people more involved with the development process and hope that you or someone you know chooses to partner with us! The other big news today is that we have decided to use our Kickstarter campaign as a platform for officially announcing the title of our game:

That screenshot is from the in-game title screen, and is also a first peek at the art style that will feature in the game's cinematics and character portraits. The name "Fara" is derived from Old Norse, meaning "to travel", and plays an important part in the game's story. If it sounds strange, don't worry! We will reveal more about the world of Fara soon! Also, we'll be sure to give several updates regarding our Kickstarter progress, as well as an outtakes video revealing just how many takes it took Texel and I to make the video for the site. So stay tuned!