Fara is Out!

Fara has been released! Apple decided to feature it on the "New and Noteworthy" section of the Games App Store, so we released a day early. Check it out!

Hey we are New and Noteworthy! Awesome!


Fara will be .99 (66% off the regular price of 2.99) through the launch weekend only so pick it up soon!

Fara on the App Store

Gallery Update!

Hi everyone! We just wanted to share a quick update on Fara's development progress. Things have been going great and we currently have a build of the game that we consider Beta. We are really excited that things are moving along so quickly and we'll be announcing the official launch date of the game, as well as our trailer (made by the awesome Graham Dunn) very soon!

Also, the Fara media gallery has been updated with current images from the game. We've also added some previously unreleased areas/gameplay to the screenshots, so be sure to check it out!

Kickstarter Shout Out! - We Did It!

Hey everyone! We wanted to update our blog with a big thank you to everyone who supported our Kickstarter campaign. You guys were incredible and helped us exceed our goal! So here's a shout out to everyone that backed us (sorted by Kickstarter name):

Iron Tier:
Cindy Au, Adam, Adrian K.

Copper Tier:
Craig Snyder, Ben Crowley, Andy Thorington ,orangeman, Curtis Melroe

Bronze Tier: 
Colin Foote, jonkrusell, Rathanak Loeung, Gruesom Grimp, timothy locke, Justin Ng

Silver Tier:
Derek Rundgren, Andy Cope, Brian, Daniel Ragusa, Benedikt Betz, Julien Feraud, Debby Fleming, Josias Valdez, Sarah, Chad Woyewodzic, Kirt Dankmyer, Alan Gerding, lannie.poo, Benjamin Seiler, David Lovely, Jeff Martini, Chuck Lawton, brian papa, Stephan Szabo, Jasmine Choinski, Robert Smith, Chris O'Connor, Rob Klingenberger, Michael Ryan, Payne Eifert, mwuenschel, Ryan Mock, Steve Wilson, Jeff Snider, Martin Tuxen Grandeville, Michael Jacob, Patrick, Kyle McLauchlan, AndreasH, Peter Por, Jonathan Morris, Michael David Johas Teener, Michael Atchison, Tom Hollett, Tom Meier, Masa, James Schirmer, Kent O Hudson, jwalk2515, Shola Akinnuso, Steven King @madrogue, Justin Brede, Palenoue, Brian Jardine

Gold Tier:
Matt Johnston, Heath Morrison, Ben Lewis, Graham, Anne, Lauren, J. Kyle Pittman, Billy Nolen, David Johnson, James Layfield, fbrocks, Joshua Beale, Cynthia Shotwell

Platinum Tier:
David Pittman, Kim Pittman, Jah Raphael, Mary R Proctor, Lane Roathe, Symptomless Coma, Mike Edwards, Sarah Edwards, Justin Cash, Karen D Edwards, Susan K Edwards, Justin Lloyd, Ken Tabor, Skip Hirvela,  Elaine and Gary Wilson

Rare Earth Tier:
William and Mariette Estabrook, Will and Nicole Estabrook, Pam and Richard Strickland, Robert Edwards

Kickstarter *One Week Left!* and a New Gameplay Screenshot!

Hey everyone. With one week left in our Kickstarter campaign, we thought it would be nice to post an update! First of all, we'd like to send a big thank you to everyone who has backed us so far. Your support means a lot to us and it's great knowing you are enthusiastic about Fara. Thanks!

So far, our Kickstarter project has raised $3,309 of our $5,000 goal, which is incredible! We are 66% of the way there, so it's vital that our friends and fans share the news of the Fara Kickstarter with anyone and everyone they know in the next week. Your tweets, Facebook messages, and texts are what have kept this campaign moving. One more week! We can do this! Thanks guys!

Also, we thought it'd be nice to share a new screenshot and development update today! In the last few weeks, we've been scripting different quests and scenarios for the game, putting all of the pieces together. One area of the game we really love are the tar pits, where you face sand creatures, dust devils, and a rock maze. Tar pits are awesome! So stay tuned, and we'll post more updates soon!

Fara Gameplay